Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist In India

Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India – Tough Alloys

Tough Alloy is a well-known Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer in India. Our company manufactures Round Bar in various types of material such as Nitronic 50 XM 19 & Nitronic 60 Sheet. We provide our Nitronic Sheet in a variety of specifications, standards, designations, thicknesses, and custom lengths. We never compromise with the quality standard and always providing up to the mark material globally. Our engineers also use sophisticated types of machinery and tools for developing a high quality material.

We are required to provide only premium quality Nitronic Sheet to our clients in the shortest amount of time, which is only possible with our fast logistic services. Nitronic Sheet in huge quantities and various kinds is delivered to various locations. We also manufacture and supply Nitronic Sheet that can be easily formed, fabricated, and welded.

Sheet Manufacturer in India

Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer, Nitronic Sheet Supplier, Nitronic Sheet Stockist in India.

We are also known as an advanced manufacturing company with years of experience, where we manufacture Nitronic Sheet of the best quality using cutting-edge technology. Tough Alloys a leading Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer, set national and international quality standards and manufacturing processes. Nitronic Sheet Manufactured in our company is majorly used in industries like shipbuilding, medicine, agriculture, chemical, petroleum, automobile, food processing, paper mills, welding electrode, & household applications, etc. We are also a leading Inconel Sheet Manufacturer in India.

Best Nitronic Sheet Types

Nitronic Sheet are a vital component for many industrial applications and play an essential role in manufacturing. In this Page, we will explore some of the different types of Nitronic Sheet Manufacturer in India, that offer various materials and sizes to meet customer needs.

Nitronic Sheet Specification, Size & Standards

Understanding the standard specifications of Nitronic Sheet is essential for any professional working in tin industry. This Table provides an overview of the different standards and sizes when it comes to Nitronic Sheet stock.

WIDTH 1000MM, 1219MM, 1250 MM, 1500MM, 2000MM AND Even as per Customers Requirements
LENGTH 2000MM, 2500MM, 3000 MM, 5000MM, 6000MM AND Even as per Customers Requirements

Nitronic Sheet Chemical Composition

Nitronic Sheet are an important part of a variety of structures, from car parts to doors and frames. In order for them to be useful as building materials, it is essential that they have the correct chemical composition. This Table will explore what Nitronic Sheet components make up its chemical composition and why these elements need to be included.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 54
Nickel, Ni 25.5
Chromium, Cr 14.8
Titanium, Ti 2.13
Molybdenum, Mo 1.30
Manganese, Mn 1.0
Silicon, Si 0.50
Vanadium, V 0.30
Aluminum, Al 0.18
Carbon, C 0.040
Phosphorous, P 0.020
Sulfur, S 0.015
Boron, B 0.0060

Nitronic Sheet Mechanical Properties

Nitronic Sheet is a type of metal that’s regularly used in manufacturing and industrial environments, thanks to its strength, durability, and versatile nature. To ensure it can be successfully incorporated into any project or design, it helps to have an understanding of its mechanical properties. Here we will explore what those are and their importance for working with Nitronic Sheet.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 1035 MPa 150100 psi
Yield strength (@strain 0.200%) 759 MPa 110000 psi
Elongation at break 25% 25%
Reduction of area 40% 40%
Hardness, Brinell (estimated from Rockwell C value for Brinell test with 3000 kg load/10 mm diameter ball) 304 304
Hardness, Knoop (estimated from Rockwell C value) 330 330
Hardness, Rockwell C 32 32
Hardness, Vickers (estimated from Rockwell C value) 318 318

Nitronic Sheet Application & Uses

  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment

Nitronic Sheet Packaging & Delivery Details

  1. Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Sheet Transfer), Cheque, and others
  2. Packaging: Nitronic Sheet are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  3. Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  4. Tax:18% GST

Client Projects for Nitronic Sheet Supplier in India

Nitronic Sheet is operated in diverse parts of India. Tough Alloys is a market-leading Nitronic Sheet Stockist, our company is a name that people trust, and our brand name indicates quick delivery, affordable prices, and superior quality Sheet. We as a leading Nitronic Sheet , have supplied Nitronic Sheet in various cities and different industries in India.

Product supplied Cities/ States
Nitronic Sheet for Automobile Industry Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nitronic Sheet supply Hosdurg, Kerela
Supply for Defence Industry Banglore, Karnataka
Supply for the aerospace industry Surat, Gujarat

Nitronic Sheet Supplier in India

Tough Alloys is one of the largest Nitronic Sheet Supplier in India. We fulfill domestic and international client demand for Nitronic Sheet. As a result, we have warehouses in India’s major cities. The supplied product is of the highest quality and can be used in accordance with the client’s requirements thanks to our 7-step quality control process and independent inspection.

Cities we supply Nitronic Sheet:
Nitronic Sheet in New Delhi Nitronic Sheet in Bhiwandi Nitronic Sheet in Ahmedabad Nitronic Sheet in Bhubaneswar
Nitronic Sheet in Panna Nitronic Sheet in Nagpur Nitronic Sheet in Salem Nitronic Sheet in Surat
Nitronic Sheet in Channapatna Nitronic Sheet in Jaipur Nitronic Sheet in Bengaluru Nitronic Sheet in Chennai
Nitronic Sheet in Vijaywada Nitronic Sheet in Tirrupur Nitronic Sheet in Hyderabad Nitronic Sheet in Ludhiana
Nitronic Sheet in Firozabad Nitronic Sheet in Raipur Nitronic Sheet in Cochin Nitronic Sheet in Bokaro Steel City
Nitronic Sheet in Peenya Nitronic Sheet in Mumbai Nitronic Sheet in Pimpri-Chinchwad Nitronic Sheet in Kharagpur
Nitronic Sheet in Varanasi Nitronic Sheet in Pithampur Nitronic Sheet in Visakhapatnam Nitronic Sheet in Dibrugarh

Nitronic Sheets Exporter

A leading Nitronic Sheet Exporter, we are a reputable company that specializes in supplying a wide range of Nitronic Sheets in India. Nitronic Sheet has been delivered to customers in India as well as across the globe in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, etc. We offer Supper Nitronic Sheet at an affordable price to our consumers.

Countries we export Nitronic Sheet
Nitronic Sheet in Saudi Arabia Nitronic Sheet in Oman Nitronic Sheet in Kuwait Nitronic Sheet in Netherlands
Nitronic Sheet in Bahrain Nitronic Sheet in Qatar Nitronic Sheet in UAE Nitronic Sheet in Africa
Nitronic Sheet in Nigeria Nitronic Sheet in Mexico Nitronic Sheet in Canada Nitronic Sheet in Venezuela
Nitronic Sheet in United States Nitronic Sheet in South Africa Nitronic Sheet in Malaysia Nitronic Sheet in Bangladesh
Nitronic Sheet in Singapore Nitronic Sheet in Sri Lanka Nitronic Sheet in Australia Nitronic Sheet in Brazil
Nitronic Sheet in France Nitronic Sheet in Italy Nitronic Sheet in South Korea Nitronic Sheet in Poland
Nitronic Sheet in China Nitronic Sheet in Turkey Nitronic Sheet in Germany Nitronic Sheet in Belgium